Seeing the Elephant: Defragmenting User Research · An Article by A List Apart

Came across this great article for my class this week —

One team may rely upon behavioral data—like a shopping cart’s conversion rate—to diagnose a major problem with their site. But they can’t come up with a solution. Meanwhile, just down the hall, another team has the tools to generate, design, and evaluate the required solution. Unfortunately, they don’t know about the problem. How come?

Because these two teams may not know that the other exists. Or they aren’t encouraged by their organization to communicate. Or they don’t share enough common cultural references and vocabulary to have a reasonable dialogue, even if they wanted to. So synthesis doesn’t happen, the opportunity for game-changing insight is missed, and products and services continue to suck.

Source: Seeing the Elephant: Defragmenting User Research · An A List Apart Article

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