Fulfilling the advertising promise

So, after working at Amazon I became a sucker for same-day delivery, on-demand delivery, and the gimme-gimme culture!

When I went to the Amazon homepage this morning to look up bowtie collars for my cats (yes, I actually did that…), I saw an ad for one of my friend’s teams, Prime Now.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 6.39.03 AM

It’s the one-hour delivery service for products sold by Amazon. I got excited because it was an ad that said that Prime Now was available in my area. MY AREA! Denver!!!!! I was suspicious because Amazon doesn’t have a fulfillment center out here but out of curiosity I clicked the ad anyways.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 6.39.10 AM

Dear Amazon: How do you deliver new year’s resolutions? Did you see that I have 11 of them? Did you see that I created a spreadsheet to track them over 12 months? I don’t understand how you are going to deliver them for free in 2 hours. You don’t make any sense. GO HOME AMAZON.

I clicked on the ad and was directed to the landing page, and on first glance didn’t see confirmation that Prime Now was available in Denver, nor did I see a way to search for my location. (Boooooo.)

Then, I was hit with a flurry of questions:

  1. What’s up with all of these download badges? Don’t they know that I clicked a desktop ad? They’re smarter than that (I think).
  2. Why wasn’t I served with a design that emphasized a location-based search if I could not at least be told immediately that Prime Now was indeed not available in my area?
  3. Why couldn’t they just automatically tell me on this page that it wasn’t available in my area? They know where I am located (I think).
  4. If it was not available in my area, why couldn’t I opt in to a notification about when it would become available?
  5. Why make me sad and show me all of the wonderful things I can’t get at the bottom of the page? It’s not like I’m going to move to these other cities just to get Prime Now.

Anywhoodle, after scrolling down a bit I found the scrollbar and typed in my location.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 6.39.15 AM

And then…

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 6.39.20 AM


Such sadness. Why would you serve an ad only to fall short of the promise?

Moral of the story: Don’t make your customers sad. They might cry.